Bailiwick Bat Survey 2022

Surveying season is here and the booking system is open to volunteers to choose squares to survey.

The survey aims to improve our understanding of the distribution and activity of the different species of bat found in Guernsey, Herm, Alderney and Sark whilst providing an opportunity for anyone across the islands to take part in this project.

To get involved, book out your square to survey!

Why care about Bats?

Bats are an ‘indicator species’. They can tell us a lot about the state of our environment as they are a top predator for nocturnal insects. Bats will be affected by changes in landscape, agriculture practises, development and habitat fragmentation. These changes will have an impact on many species in Guernsey but by surveying the changes in bat populations, it will indicate the wider health of our wildlife, without having to count every species.

Bats are a natural form of pest control, eating thousands of insects each night – including mosquitos! They are great for keeping bugs away from crops which provides a valuable service for agriculture and even your own vegetable patch. Bats provide this service free of charge, and without the use of pesticides.

Bats are protected under the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats (EUROBATS) which came into force in 1994. By signing up to this agreement, Guernsey has committed to protect bats through monitoring, legislation, education, conservation measures and international co-operation. Many European bats are under threat and some have even become extinct in certain countries. It is important we monitor our bats, to understand how we can help populations to thrive.

How you can help bats

Reduce pesticides

All bats that live in our islands eat insects. You can increase their food by minimising your use of pesticides.

Create a 'bat haven' garden

Plant night-scented flowers ~ Build a pond ~ Let your garden go wild ~ Create linear features i.e hedgerows/treelines 

Promote natural habitats

Leave non-hazardous dead or dying trees, they make great homes for bats

Avoid disturbing bats

If a bat is disturbed during hibernation, it may become active and burn through its fat reserves.

Put up a bat box

They are an easy home for bats to rest and many of the species we have in the Bailiwick will use them

Use 'bat friendly' outdoor lighting

Reduce, or remove, artificial lighting and if possible use warm white LED lights 

Read the results of the 2021 bailiwick Bat survey 

2021 Bailiwick Bat Survey Report

During 2021, 720,011 recordings were collected across the Bailiwick of Guernsey which, following analyses and validation, included 710,260 bat recordings, and 8,211 small terrestrial mammal recordings. Over 1.5 million recordings contained bush-crickets and audible moth species which were recorded as ‘by-catch’, and we report species presence on a site and night basis. 

The full report includes a full species-by species breakdown of spatial, seasonal and through-the-night patterns of activity.

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