About Us

The Bailiwick Bat Survey is a partnership project which aims to improve understanding of local bat distribution and activity. The survey is a citizen science project which offers anyone in the Bailiwick of Guernsey the opportunity to borrow automated equipment to record our local bats using methods devised by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). The survey has been commissioned by Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services as part of the implementation of the Strategy for Nature, the BTO is providing the technical know how and La Société, Alderney Wildlife Trust and La Société Sercquaise are helping to co-ordinate the project.

Meet the partners

Commissioning Body

Agriculture, Countryside & Land Management Services (ACLMS)

ACLMS are the Agriculture, Countryside & Land Management Services of the States of Guernsey. It is responsible for the implementation of the Strategy for Nature and works with a range of partners to do this through the Biodiversity Partnership Group.

Technical expertise

British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)


The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is an independent, charitable research organisation specialising in citizen science and the study of UK bird populations, but with an international reputation for work on bats. A growing membership and up to 60,000 volunteer birdwatchers contribute to BTO’s surveys, collecting information that underpins conservation action in the UK. 

BTO maintains a staff of 100 at its offices in Thetford, Stirling, Bangor (Wales) and Belfast (Northern Ireland), who analyse and publicise the results of surveys and projects. BTO’s work is funded by BTO supporters, government, trusts, industry and conservation organisations. 

Advising Body

Biodiversity Partnership

Guernsey’s Biodiversity Partnership was established to scrutinize, advise and implement the Strategy for Nature.  This Partnership has fostered new working relationships, collaborations and launched new projects to help us all work together to educate, support, conserve and protect our natural environment.

The Biodiversity Partnership Group is made up of local environmental Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and the States of Guernsey Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services, plus qualified experts in conservation, ecology and land management, Guernsey Biological Records Centre, and the Biodiversity Officer. 

Data records centre

Guernsey Biological Records Centre

The Guernsey Biological Records Centre (GBRC) is run by Environment Guernsey Ltd. on behalf of its two partners; La Société Guernesiaise and the States of Guernsey.

Data is submitted on a regular basis from Guernsey residents, keen naturalists, researchers and visitors from a variety of sources, including social media. The GBRC is actively involved in local, interisland and international conservation projects. It collates, manages and stores data that describes our local biodiversity and forms an evidence base to which decision makers can refer to when making decisions which may impact on wildlife or wildlife habitat. 

Project Co-ordinator

La Société Guernesiaise

La Société Guernesiaise was founded in 1882 to encourage the study of the history, natural history, geography and geology of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the conservation of the Bailiwick’s natural environment and the preservation of its historic buildings and monuments.

In many respects, La Société Guernesiaise is similar to the UK Wildlife Trusts. However, its activities extend into many other areas, including history, archaeology and astronomy.

Project co-ordinator

Alderney Wildlife Trust

Alderney Wildlife Trust is one of the 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the British Isles. Support from members and volunteers allows them to manage over 130 hectares of terrestrial land for wildlife. It also manages over 20km of footpath to ensure public access to the Island’s countryside whilst minimising the impact on the wildlife that lives there. It works with the local community to engage them with their natural environment in order to protect Alderney’s wildlife for the future. 

Project Co-ordinator

La Société Sercquaise

La Société Sercquaise was founded in 1975 to study, preserve and enhance Sark’s natural environment and cultural heritage.