Bat Protection

Bats are protected under the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats (EUROBATS) which came into force in 1994. By signing up to this agreement, Guernsey has committed to protect bats through monitoring, legislation, education, conservation measures and international co-operation. Many European bats are under threat and some have even become extinct in certain countries. It is important we monitor our bats, to understand how we can help populations to thrive. 

How you can help bats

Reduce pesticides

All bats that live in our islands eat insects. You can increase their food by minimising your use of pesticides.

Create a 'bat haven' garden

Plant night-scented flowers ~ Build a pond ~ Let your garden go wild ~ Create linear features i.e hedgerows/treelines 

Promote natural habitats

Leave non-hazardous dead or dying trees, they make great homes for bats

Avoid disturbing bats

If a bat is disturbed during hibernation, it may become active and burn through its fat reserves.

Put up a bat box

They are an easy home for bats to rest and many of the species we have in the Bailiwick will use them

Use 'bat friendly' outdoor lighting

Reduce, or remove, artificial lighting and if possible use warm white LED lights 

Bat Conservation Trust

The Bat Conservation Trust have some brilliant advice and resources: